In the fast-moving world, SEO strategies are changing accordingly. SEO is the best and long-term process which makes the steady traffic and growth to the business.

SEO is the process of Optimising the Web page which should attract both Web Crawler and the User of the site.

Strategies to be followed during 2018 to get the best out of SEO and digital marketing are listed below


In 2018, The first step to process in SEO strategy is to make a list of topics which is trending around the market for your product or services. Identify the list of high search volume and low competition keywords by analyzing the same niche sites and using tools. These serve as the input for the website content and also serves as a primary and secondary keyword.

Make a List of Long – Tail Keywords:

Use Keyword tools to find around 5 to 10 Long – Tail keywords which will result in around 10 keywords for each topic. Create great content with these Long – Tail Keywords as the title and optimize the webpage to rank in the search engine result page. Form a cluster of Keywords which surrounds in and out and ranks your website in the top search engine result.

Building Web page:

This is the step where the two proceedings steps are combined. This is the stage of creating a webpage. Here you should use all the 10 Primary keywords and create a webpage for each of them. Let think about the list of keywords in the step2, This is what the subtopic for the content on that page.

For Instance: If you choose the Primary Keywords as sports, this is what the webpage link is created. The Content which serves as the Sub-Topic for the Contents in the page. Like Tennis, Cricket etc are the Sub – Keywords with high search volume. So the page will result in the strong keywords and also for Low Competition Keywords.

Create a blog

Blogging is the best way to rank for keywords and engage your audience for the longer time. User Engagement to the keywords boosts your website for Search Engine Rank. So if you include a blog in your business, first do that.

Write a blog post which is related to the primary keywords and stuff long-tail keywords according to keyword density. Don’t spam yourself by Keyword Stuffing.

Interlinking is the major way to increase traffic to the webpage. So Link your Web page for by tagging to the primary keywords.

Mention your blog post on your webpage.

Increase Page Authority

To Increase the Page Authority, Use blogging as a regular process. So Write a blog post which attracts the user, and tells keywords to your search engine. Not just use the keywords and write a post to the Search engine, it will kill the efforts of your blogging. Update your page with interesting and the trendy topics to engage your visitors. This increase Page Authority steadily.

Link Building:

Link building is the objective of OFF Page SEO. It is the process of attracting backlinks for the website which should be with high PR. The best way to gain quality backlink is to share the post in Social Media. Guest blogging also serves as a quality backlink gainer. Post your posts on events sites, communities, and high traffic forums.

Stay Updated:

SEO is the major platform where to stay updated with the regular updates. Check top ranking information sites and news sites about the regular update in the field.

Track your SEO Success:

Always measure and track your work on SEO which will show you what to improve and strategies to be followed for the future.

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