Search Engine Optimization is the set of techniques to be followed to rank at the top in the search engine results. Ranks get affected always with the change in Google’s algorithm, Following some SEO formulas will make the website remains on the top without any change in the algorithm.

Every website and business owners want their website to be in top search for keywords, to do so we should follow certain SEO tactics. Do the perfect SEO tactics and boost your website with a higher value of traffic and ranking. SEO is the process of study and consistent approach to a website, which optimizes nook and corner of the website in user and search engine perspective. Here we do mention some important tactics to follow.

Competitor Analysation

The optimizing before optimising your website is to analyze competitors. They are the one who ranks at the tops instead of you with the same business niche. Keep an eye on what is the different process they are undergoing with. Try to find the keywords, backlinks, interlinking etc, Find out which make them to rank higher than your website. Learn from your mistakes, use your learning and decision-making skills to develop a rich performing website which competes for other websites.

Concentrate on On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is one of the major tactics to be followed once completed with the design part of the website. Don’t just do OFF page Link building activities and waits for ranking. On-Page SEO is the foundation of Search Engine Optimisation, So work on it first with the clear Meta Tags, header, etc like a master in that area. Use your competitor Analysis result here and optimize your website accordingly.


Building Backlinks is the best way to rank your site in SERPs. Getting Links pointing to your website from High PR pages is highly important for ranking. Don’t spam your website by buying backlinks, link exchange etc, these activities may penalize your website. So try to build a quality backlink with the quality of your website content and authority.

Google Snippets:

Google Snippets is the small description which appears at the top of the search results page. This is the results which Google analyze that it is the better answer for the query raised by the user. Try to rank in Google Snippets, this gives the better idea to the user about your website.

Social Media:

Social Media are the effective tools to showcase your website and niche to the huge market. So make use if it to advertise as a highly saturated market. One can drive huge traffic to the website from the social media where they are active. Don’t just create a social media for your business try to active always on it to drive traffic to the website. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G Plus, LinkedIn etc are the high traffic social media to be active on always.

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