Interlinking is the best way to boost SEO but when it is done properly. If you are website owner and know a little about internet marketing then you well know a word called “Backlink”. It is important to do it in the right way to get its exact benefit for increasing the traffic to the website.

What is Backlink:

Backlinks are the clickable links which hold the web together. There are two types of Backlinks they are,

Internal Backlink: This is the clickable link within your website(domain)

External Backlink: This is the clickable link which is outside your domain but pointing your domain.

Both are very important for online business and your website. Let’s get to know about how internal Backlinks boosts your SEO

Internal Backlinks: Links which is used in your domain, which is to link other post, web pages or product links etc. This can be done by just hyperlinking the important and relevant words on the webpage. It is Important because of two major reasons, First is that the major part, User may round inside your domain by clicking on other interesting and favorite links which increases bounce rate and chances of converting.

The Second is for SEO purpose. As search engine like Google search ranks the site with the good amount of quality interlinks at the first.

Anchor Texts:
Anchor text plays a main role in Internal Backlinks, we use this to add links to other post and pages. We do have lots of Anchor texts types, But Majorly we use these three, They are as follows

Naked URL: This is the kind of Anchors text where we place the link as such without hyperlinking with the words
Example: Placing a Link directly after or before a paragraph bluntly.

Target Anchor Texts: Hyperlinking to the targeted Words(Keywords) to other posts or pages on the website.
Example: SEO(Hyperlinking with any SEO related article or page). This helps to boost SEO in a targeted way.

Non-Targeted Keywords: This is the kind of interlinking to non-targeted words like Click Here, Buy now etc.

Let’s See the Difference between Post and Pages:

Pages are Static which is mainly designed for Marketing purpose they give only little but attractive information about the product or services.

The post is dynamic which is used to give detailed information of page and post. This gives vast information about the page and makes the visitor knowledgeable which drags the visitors to buy the product or services. Interlinking has to be done both in Page and posts to increase rank and visitor page views.

Best Way of Interlinking:

Create a unique interesting content and posts it to your blog. With this, you have to start interlinking, Create your content more or less relevant to your niche so that you can link to relevant posts.

Post1 link to Post 3, 2
Post 2 link to Post 1,3,4
Post 3 Link to Post 2,1

Travel your blog like this to interlink relatively which makes your visitors to switch-over within your website or blog. This increases the paths for sales conversions, Traffic and decreases the bounce rate of your site. At the result, you will benefit with high Ranks and successful in SEO.

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