If you are involved or have a knowledge about blogging or website. Then you might surely know about internal and external back links. There are two kinds of back links: inner and outer. The previous alludes to joins in your space, and the outer back links allude to connect from outside your area indicating your space. They are both significant, and for a site to be effective, there should be a sound measure of both. Internal Back links means when you are linking to the other blogs of your website. Now is it not compulsory to create back link, but it will help to gain traffic.

Internal Backlinks:

Internal Back links is sharing the links within the one page or post to the other page or post. The general format of this is using hyperlinks. Within the post hyperlink can be done to the text or the images. There are two major purpose of using internal back links they are, visitors are most likely to view other post of your blogs, and add some value points to your page or post. We do have a major factor, interlinking helps to boost SEO rankings. Healthy back link will serve the best for the website to reach higher ranks in SERPS.

Anchor Text:

We need to know about anchor text at this point, It means the word where you are pasting your post URL. There are three types of anchor text they are, naked URL, targeted and Non targeted URL

Naked URL:

As the name suggest, You can post the page/post link directly to the post without hyper linking it to some text.

Targeted URL:

This is same as hyper linking a post link to a keyword which is targeted in the page or post

Non-Targeted URL:

This refers to pasting the URL to the call to action text like “Click Here”, “Know More”.

Interlinking is the best process to engage users with your content, there are some navigation pattern and ethics to be followed while using Interlinks. You should not link too many blogs pages to a single article with little words, It will affect you both the way, users get distracted and move away. The other is the Google boot will not crawl your site according to the algorithm. So be careful while linking your post, try to link related pages, to get traffic. For example, If you are writing 3 posts then in post 1 link 2 & 3 and furthermore. Put your link in a wheel motion model, this will make users to be linked to each post where ever they are.

At this stage you need to start working on interlinking your blog or site. Try to interlink at least one interlink to the post. This is the internal wheel which is extremely powerful tool to influence users to stay with your site. Legible Interlinking will also be awarded by Google to rank top in SERP. Start interlinking and make your visitors to navigate around your website or post, decrease bounce rate, bring more revenue.