Search Engine Optimization is effective and complicated. Website Owners try to maximize the link of the website to boost ranks of the website. If your website rank has to be higher, then you have to follow certain strategies. This helps you to protect from the regular minor and major update of Search Engine.

Google is updating its algorithm over 500 times in years, So be up-to-date with the algorithm and update regularly to overcome drop-out. Follow certain strategies which are important always, which is as follows, to maintain your website at the top Search.

Four Pillar of SEO

Technical SEO:

Be strong in your Technical aspects of SEO. Don’t be panic about the word Technical, this is the regular update of the website which is mandatory. This is the process of making Search Engine to read and analyze your website content easily. If you are using any CMS for the small website then this will not be a rocket science, but rather for a big and trending business website hire some Professional experts, paid tools to make your technical SEO strong. The main areas of Technical SEO are Crawl, Index, Responsiveness, website loading speed, website design, and structure.

The content of the website:

As everyone knows “Content is the King”. Content is the most important thing but sadly it is less concentrated. Don’t repeat this mistake again, create a great, unique and fresh content because the content is the major key to turn your visitors into sales. Do a deep analysis of what kind of content is highly hoping the audience in your niche and try to produce such interesting content.

Include keywords with apt density, use some images, and videos to engage your audience on the webpage. This is the best way of marketing your product or services.

On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing your webpage to make it clear to web crawlers and visitors. On-Page SEO is one of the main aspects of SEO to be taken care of. The key areas in On-Page are Keywords, Title, Description, URL, Headers, Call-to-action, etc. User Experience should be the important criteria here, make regular updates with navigation, search bars which improves UX. Optimize your Site as the customer perspective, so you could easily find flaws in web pages and rectify it.

Off-Page SEO:

In the long run, We are stopping at the one stop which is called Link Building. Linking to other high PR sites to your site. Connections are as yet an essential segment to creating best Organic rankings, but it is the hard part if the SEO.

The best part is that we only require high-quality links pointing to your website. So follow some strategies to do Off-Page SEO, Quantity and Quality both are important here. Get a Natural link to your website from high pr blogs, article, same niche sites etc. This sort of Organic, high-quality backlinks is the backbone of the website. Always create something which will create a value to your website and follow that regularly for good results.