Are you in the urge of Creating a new website, then you have landed wisely. Most of the owners who create website needs the design to 100% Visual treat to the user. In the meanwhile, you are not thinking about some more important things to be checked before Launching website.

Here is the checklist which everyone must look before launching your website:

1) Loading Speed:

Website Loading page is the major paramount in the path of website’s success. Nowadays, the online market is the huge platform where users get loads of options in the same niche, If your website is slower in loading, then obviously user switches there comes bounce rate and Google pushes your website down in the ranking. So Checking the loading time of the website before launching. This keeps you one step above all the competitors.

Check the responsiveness of your website:

Usage of the internet on various devices is obvious this time, So Check your website is the Mobile-friendly and Responsive site for different dimension devices. The important Update of Google is Mobile-friendly sites ranks higher in SERPs. Improve the accessibility of your website in all devices with the same clarity in the desktop so that it increases the traffic to the website.

Integrate Google Analytics and webmaster tools

Google Analytics and webmaster is the Google’s tool, which makes you understand about the behavior of your website. These two tools describe and alert you about the errors and traffic to each and every page in your website. Once you set up Google Analytics will help to track how user interacting with your website. Webmaster informs about major issues in the web pages. So track like a Pro with these two tools.

Use Great and Unique Content:

This the important step in the ladder of success in online marketing. Great Content drives huge organic and valid traffic to the website. Unique Content website ranks higher and doesn’t penalize any updates of the search engine. To create great content before launching a new website to attract more visitors and to convert them into sales. Create a Blog to the website and post informative content regularly to improve steady traffic to the website.

Do perfect On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is the best way to get success. Select some primary keywords by researching your competitors online along with secondary keywords for each primary keywords. Using these keywords create an appealing Title, description, and tags and use it in all the pages of your website.

Long – Tail Keywords:

Longer Keyword phrase which exactly tells the user about your product or services is known as Long-Tail Keywords. So perform Keyword analysis and research to find the best and exact Long-tail Keywords, use these keywords in the content of the web pages. Later create some Content for blogging with this as the title to increase traffic to the website.

Landing Page Optimisation:

Landing Pages are the introduction for your website. Optimise Landing page with ultimate care so that it shows about your overall business module to the visitor. Keep an eye on navigation in the website which directs the users to the next section easily.

Generate XML Sitemap:

Extensible Markup Language appreciated as XML, Simply it holds all the link to your website. Search engine spider crawls the Sitemap and easily rank your site the SERP.

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