Crawl Management is important but ignored by the internet marketing community. Search Engine Optimization is not only the process of link building and ranking in SERPs, we do have a lot more than that in SEO to familiar with. Likewise, one of the important factors in SEO is Crawl Management. Let’s make it clear in this article starting from Basics to things important in Crawl Management.

Crawl Basics:

When a Search engine visits a website, Search engine spider or crawler crawls the total website with the different URLs or same URL many times. This is the first step each web spider do in our website, they collect a detailed stuff from the website and store it in the log server(log Parsing scripts). It analyses and makes a report with more than one factor, they are

  • Crawling traps
  • Unnecessarily crawled pages
  • Duplicate content
  • Frequency and depth of crawl
  • The existence of 302, 304, 307 errors and other server response codes
  • The existence of redirect chains and loops
  • Excessive or unnecessary 404 error pages
  • Robot.txt is the important thing in the webmasters with which we can propose web crawlers to index links and non-index links. So carefully use this option to make sure web spiders crawl your website as you want them to index.
  • Crawl Management for SEO:

    There are some important factors which determine the websites behavior with crawl management are Crawl rate, Crawl frequency, Crawl depth, Crawl saturation, Crawl priority, Crawl redundancy, Crawl mapping. Each one as the unique value and crawl management rates the URL with these parameters and use it for indexing. Use Robot.txt in the effective way to improve the above parameters and rank higher in SERPs.

    Try to betterment the response time of the site by using the best web design and content helps you in best crawl rate result and frequency. If any changes performed to the existing web pages or new pages, do fetch and render in webmaster which give an alert to web crawlers for what to crawl in the website, this is helpful for saturation, redundancy, priority.

    Managing Website Crawls:

    Search Engine Spiders crawls the website crawls the webpage many time or not even once. We should feed them a right web page of our website to crawl so that we will be avoiding some spammy or low-quality content from crawlers. This is the best way to increase the opportunity of ranking your website higher in SERPs. Perform best On-page SEO, input best quality, and unique content, concentrate on web design and navigation to get best out of Crawl Management for SEO.

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