Today’s marketing strategies are focusing on online visibility. Whether that is a business website or social media page need to improve ranking on Google to improve its visibility. Are you still worried about your ranking position? If so, here are some important tips to boost your website ranking on Google.

Use Long-Tail Keywords:

Keywords are playing a vital role in SEO Marketing. Long-tail keywords are most key part of site optimization. Content written with long tile keyword helps to improve your primary keyword ranking on SERP.


Publish Relevant Content:

Quality content is a primary driver of a Search Engine Ranking. To write a post with relevant content and keywords tend to stay visitor longer time on your page and it’s to increase site traffic.

Update Posts Regularly:

Search engine love quality content especially updated content on time to time. If the page is updated regularly is crawled more and more possible to reach the best ranking.

Anchor Texts:

Texts that link to other location on the web are means to as anchor texts. It plays a crucial role in SEO Marketing. If you using anchor text on your post, you will witness your rank rising higher on daily basis.

Post Image:

Images make your pages more attractive. “A picture is worth a thousand words” like that when you use images in your post will help better understanding of your reader.

Keywords in your Title:

The title is meant to be express clear and absolute idea about the entire post. It gives the first impression to the readers who are looking for your page. Use your main keyword to create a suitable title to attract more visitors.

Internal and External linking:

Using Internal & External link on your page enhance the visibility of the page. An internal link is directing the visitor to other pages on your website. The external link directs the visitor to the different website.


Permalink is the permanent and full URL even if you update new content on the page. It allows a reader to search any particular post, irrespective of its age.

Increase Page Load Speed:

The visitors will leave your page when it’s taking extra time to load your page. It increases your bounce rate and affects Google ranking. Many methods are available to improve your page speed. Enhance reader experience by increasing your page load speed.