Every Business Owners and internet marketers know the importance of blogging. Once hosted the best-designed Blog with the few posts on it will experience a frustration of trying to get traffic to the blog. Let’s are clear that your audience will not read your post magically and you drive traffic in, we must have to do some hard work to build the audience.

Don’t ever get frustrated with blogging and drop it out, Get to know the benefits of Blogging carefully and work accordingly. Do some prior Research and find out the suitable way to promote your blog.

Seriously if you need to increase traffic to your blog? Yeah, you are at the right place. We had analyzed various techniques and strategies to increase traffic to the blog and list some best, important techniques.

Self-Published Books in Amazon Kindle Store:

If you any idea worth sharing published author within in a week with Amazon Kindle, Choose 90 days free-trial pack for submitting. Are you surprised how the book can increase blog traffic, Just insert your blog link in the book to be published, or use a free giveaway? This is the best way to drive genuine traffic to the blogs.

Strategies your Content:

“Content is the King”. So Strategies your Content regularly. Do some research on competitors, customers, target audience demography, create a report on it. Create a better quality content which makes the user stay long.

For Ideas, you can use Quora, and search engines. Use your Keywords and find the better topic after a deep analyzation.

Create Evergreen Content:

Try to create most of your content as Evergreen Content. It is the kind of content which sustains for a long time and results in traffic gradually. Evergreen content is the attracts all kinds of demography to the websites and provides ever diminishing traffic to the blog. Choose the subject of the content wisely.

Long-Tail Keywords Matters for blogger:

Long-Tail keywords are the combinations of 3 or more primary keyword phrase. Always keep an eye on these Long-Tail keywords and update a blog regularly with these keywords as the topic. This drives in best amount of traffic to the website because the competition is lower and grab the exact search users attention naturally. So, Use Long-Tail Keywords rather Short-tail always for better results.

Email Marketing:

Once published your blog post, send an email to the list of customers or subscribers about your new post and invite them for a visit. Also always keep a track with your visitors regularly, make a report about the visitor’s views, time on your post and navigation. This will be helpful for knowing your blog performance and way to improve your strategies.

Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging is a process of reaching out similar niche bloggers and approach to contribute a guest post. This will increase the traffic to the blog because viewers also jump to look into your blogs to read the related post then traffic increase.


Refresh your design and maintain a consistency in your content and design to make your users feel the refreshment regularly from your blog.

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