Bounce rate is the Time duration for which your visitors stay on your blog or website. If the user visits the landing page of your website and exits out with any other further action on the webpage or website there increase Bounce Rate of the website.

High Bounce Rate denotes that the webpage is not related to the search for the user or your page doesn’t be appealing to the user. It is important to note the factors that How the user interacts with your page and rectify the issues to reduce the bounce rate.

If the website has Lower Bounce Rate then the website is going to perform higher. So you’re really want to know the Tips to Decrease the Bounce Rate, Here is the list of tips

Quality Content:

When comes to website, Content matters a lot. Use attractive, relevant and quality content in the website to reduce the Bounce Rate. Make sure that Readability of your webpage is appealing as the visitor to stay longer on your blog or website. Give them more information on the same topic, be unique in delivering the content to the user. Showcase your website as easy to read and use, Make use of header tags, highlighters, use bulletins wherever required. First user Experience is the key to get more traffic and also to reduce bounce rate.

Best Web Design:

Web designing is the major aspect while creating the website. Make sure you are not compromising with the design of the website initially for any cost, because the major factor to get success with your competitors is with the best quality design. Your Content and Design must be attractive and appealing to the user, because these to aspects make your visitors to stay longer on your website this in-turn reduces the Bounce Rate.

Concentrate on Search Bar and Navigation:

If you don’t have any navigation on your landing page then there is a way to go the user rather to exit from your site. So, make things easier for users, show some navigation to the interesting pages and relevant pages I your site in the same niche. Make use of the Search Bar, Keep the search bar easily visible with right functionality. This makes the user to search by themselves and round in your website, This is the important way to reduce Bounce Rate of the website.

Avoid Pop-Ups

Avoid using unnecessary Pop-ups always in the website. Make sure your Pop-ups is not disturbing the user’s readability. Insert few advertisements in the free space and use pop-ups when needed.

Optimise Page Loading speed:

Page Loading speed is the time taken by the browser to load your website. Try to reduce your Page Loading speed by clearing all HTTPS mixed content warning, errors, reduce total image size. Lower the Page Loading speed is lower the bounce rate.

Internal Linking:

This is the best SEO practice to improve ranking in the search engine, also best step to reduce the bounce rate. Link to some other pages in the website to keep your visitors in your website.

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