Are you ready for your website with best web designs etc, Now the important and difficult part to drive traffic to the website? Don’t ever give up without trying SEO, Try to do it in the right way to drive more traffic to the website organically. SEO is always changing and current process which we need to be updated to work on it, Be aware of all the changes and act accordingly. Some Website owners are not aware of these updates and their ranks are suddenly down, so most of them don’t rely on SEO rather pay more attention to PPC or Paid advertisement. Here are top 6 SEO Tips from experts to get massive Traffic

Write Regularly:

Create a plan for your blogs and post it regularly. Posting regularly on a blog is an important part of SEO. Create a strategy of what type of content to post, how often to post, interesting topics in your niche. Draw a plan to work on this. Then carry out this towards execution, Write top search topic and content rich with high performing keywords.

Social Sharing:

Create accounts on all social media for your business, because social presence can give more authorization and brand authority to your website. Be active always in the social media, Share your contents with catchy title and images. This makes a website to drive more visibility and traffic.

Improve Post:

Analyse your posts regularly, see which post is performing best and which is not. Segregate and find the best solution for changing your way of writing, choosing topics etc. Also, keep an eye on Competitor to find out best topics and platform to promote your content.

Create Videos Relatively:

Visual content always drags eyes towards it soon. Video sharing sites are the best backlinks and creating a pavement to drive traffic to the website. So create drastic videos for your product or service and attract viewers who may become your customers later. Best Videos rank higher and drive more traffic, to maintain the standard to create videos. Also, share your videos in the social media to get more views.

User Engagement:

Customer Satisfaction is the important key to get more traffic to the website, blog. Always try to engage with your user. Reply to their comments, either it positive or negative. Also, keep your site Usability to the wow level to convenience and makes your users return to your website easily. Set the text as readable, focus on navigation, etc.

Evergreen Content:

Try to create evergreen content to the blog so that it can rank for a long time. But don’t leave the post without updating regularly, because evergreen content can rank easily with minor updates. Search engine might crawls this value your site that you always give the best and updated content to your audience.