Online business/website owners want their website to be listed in top SERP. But, The interesting fact is that no one understands the functionality of the search engine and the algorithm. While Optimising your website, focus on important points and work accordingly to make your website rank in front page if the search. If we follow the algorithm and rules of the search engine, then our growth will be gradual and successful.

Rather, As a website owner, we follow our own rules which are violating the search engine algorithm. It results in immediate top results but it surely penalizes our website and blog.

During Website Optimization, You might search for Keywords that suits you the best and you are additionally attempting to get a thought via looking through the target keywords on web search tools. It is great on the grounds that on the off chance that you do as such, you can effectively upgrade your online-business/website. These make web pages to rank in the top positions for certain key terms and phrases. Utilizing On page SEO like Meta tags, header tags, etc. Off page SEO like Building quality Backlinks by means of article submission, Image submission, Videos, and so on., are the essential effective ways.

The previously mentioned are considered as White Hat SEO. So the strategies which are inverse of them are dealt with as Black Hat SEO. One should not use this kind of technique for a long lasting website because search engines penalize and punish those websites easily and earlier. Along these lines, today in this article I will depict some Black Hat SEO methods that you should stay away from in your website or Blog.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword Stuffing implies creating a webpage content which is filled with keywords to influence search engine spider to imagine that the page is significant to the search. This procedure was more famous in days of yore, yet now because of a search engine like Google update its algorithm. Create a content with keywords which correlates the information of the page. But avoid using keywords in each sentence of the content which may lead to keyword stuffing. Keyword Density of 2% to 4% is viewed as sensible, however, more than that prompts issue. You ought to incorporate the just specific number of keywords in your webpage.

Link Buying or Exchange

Link Buying or Exchange is the off-page black hat technique which was followed to make the search engine to crawl the website and make at the top. Obviously, Search engines ranking factors consider the number of inbound and outbound links to your site and this is because more people link to your webpage then your content is more relevant to the user. But webmasters have to remember that Link building as to be natural and quality links. Link exchanges will not be quality links also it will be irrelevant to the niche.
So Natural backlinks support the most for the keywords ranking. Links Buying and exchanging leads to drop in ranks and penalties.

Article Spinning:

Article spinning is the method of rewriting someone’s articles only by changing some words and publishing as own content. But Search spiders check for unique, fresh and impressive contents to rank at the top. Posting regularly is important to maintain your blog or website at the top of the SERP, but don’t do black hat techniques like Article Spinning manually or with some other tool and post. This will reduce the reputation of your blog. To solve this, hire Content writers to produce new and fresh contents for your blog and website to maintain new, fresh content on the regular basis.

Link Farms:

Link Farms are certain sites which work on increasing popularity to another website by hyperlinking. This method can be used with caution, if linking to the website which is not similar or suits to your niche then it will be a problem for your site. Search Engines will also keep an eye on these kinds of activities. If your site links to more such link then your website can be banned and penalized.


Cloaking is nothing but the technique of showing a different content to the search engine and different content to the users. This is the most widely used black hat technique. This SEO is to trick the search engine and rank for the target keyword. Search engine repeatedly analyses these kinds of activities and if the website is detected as cloaked then penalties like ban or de-indexing your website will be the reward.

Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content is the process of using copied content in your website or blog. Search engines are always used as unique content for ranking at the top, duplicate content will not be indexed and ranked in the SERPs. So don’t copy others content for any cause to using it in your website/blog. Check your content using plagiarism checking tools to get to know whether the content is unique or not. Produce unique and fresh content to rank first in the search engine to get more traffic and profit. Read more: