Digital Marketing is the way of marketing digitally and to reach the vast range of customers. One of the best ways to be notified often by the customers is to rank higher in the search engine. But this is not so simple with the regular update of Google’s Algorithm. Some updates of the Algorithm may kill the ranking and the site moved down suddenly.

To maintain the same ranking range in the SERP, one should follow the basics of SEO which will never change. This helps an online business to reach new heights in the digital world. If this should happen in your business, then you should follow certain criteria or SEO Formulas.

There are some basic SEO formulas that will boost your Ranking:

ON-Page SEO is Must:

Don’t ever ignore this seed point of the SEO to your website. On page is the first thing should be done on the website, follow the basics of this technique and abide by the rules. Many website owners are busy in promoting their site by Link-building and other off-Page works, they are forgetting to update the initial stage of promotion. Follow some basic guides and update ON Page SEO first for any webpage.

Competitor Analysis:

Competitors are the one who ranks higher for the same keyword. Then find the ways your competitor is using for ranking top in the search engine. Keep an eye on the keywords they are using, the combination of phrase, long term keywords. Then look into the backlinks which they are linked to. This is the analyzation and interpretation of your data collected.

Earn Backlinks:

Backlinks are called as the links which are linking to our website from other sites. Getting a Link from valid and big websites are accounted. Don’t ever buy backlinks from any sources; this is one of the black hat SEO. So Try to Linked to big websites with unique content, guest blogging. The valid backlinks are the seed to your website with which search engine finds your site.

Social Media:

Get connected to all kinds of Social Media, Social Media is the huge platform that drives traffic and brand awareness. Social Media presence makes your brand alive in many of the customers. Drag traffic and give loads of information to the viewers on the landing page and tempt them to use your product or services.