We all want our website visitor to stay on for a longer time. When they stick longer on the website then there is a higher chance of getting Converted as sales, the final success for making the user to visit our page. The strategy says 70% of your traffic will not be your returning user, So converting them at the first impression will be a better marketing strategy.

The main factor to convert visitors as sales mainly rely on the time frame they stay on the web-page. We do have lots of benefits like page visibility, branding. It is also important for reducing the factor called Bounce rate to get higher in SERPs. If you really want to increase the numbers on “Average time on site”, then here we do have some ways to get visitors stay on your website for a longer time.

Call-to-action buttons and easy Navigation:

Place Call-to-action is all suitable places in your web pages. Make user find easy to get attracted by the call-to-action like placing the lead generation form at the end, link some more “Also you may Like” pages or “Related Stuff”, Place the search box as easily noticed, keep your blogs always interlinking to some other interesting blogs and landing pages. Keep the Navigation very simple to the user as he moves around your website. With all these the visitors stay longer on your page which increases the sales conversion.

Create Scannable Content:

People will occasionally read your content word for word. Rather they scan the page for the words which they are searching for. If your sentence and word are hard to scan, then the use exits from your site and moves on. So always ensure readability on your site, that is check with your line spacing, font size, etc. Cut out some short paragraphs with the catchy and suitable sub-heading, use bulleted for any sorts of lists.

Visual Content:

Visual content will be more capable than a 100 of words crafted. So make sure your website is designed in such a way with more animations, videos explaining your service or products, testimonials, instructions. We have loads of creative ideas to design our website with more visual content. Treat your visitors with the strategic visual treat which makes them stay stubborn in your website.

Exit Pop-ups:

Make sure you are not leaving your visitor before making an action at the time of exit. Exit Pop-ups used again directs the visitors to stay some more time on the webpage. Don’t miss out this step. Make some creative Exit Pop-ups which may be your subscription box, latest and interesting blog post, reviews, you can also have the similar products add-to-cart landing page as Exit Pop-ups. Use your creativeness in each process of your website to make visitors stay longer.

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