Guest Blogging is one of the effective Off- Page Technique which rules SEO after Google’s major update like Panda and Penguin. Guest blogging is two way beneficiary for both Guest blogger and the Host blogger. Guest blogger gets the best platform to introduce to the target clients/viewers, Host blogger gets a quality rich content without any effort to his domain. Links from Guest Post are more effective when done in high PR blogs in turn, ranks high and receive high traffic to the website. But Guest blogging is the greater harm to SEO when it is not done perfectly.
Are you in the eager to make your guest post a success in terms of SEO & traffic, then there are important tips to go.

1. Content Strategy:

Plan your Content strategy as same as the website. Create a killer content with the highly interesting topic to reach target audience attention. Create a content plan before starting your guest blogging, schedule more than three consecutive relevant topics for blogging and start with the content. This helps you in interlinking, unique, relevant interesting content delivery to the host blogger. Do a Research on Competitor and audience to whom you are writing for. Create content which is unique, don’t reuse or plagiarized content which will reduce your quality.

2. Get Cleared – The Purpose of Guest Post:

Analyse and research on your niche to get cleared with the purpose of Guest Post. Some people use this only for exposure but others use for SEO Backlink purpose. So clear with your aim to achieve with the Guest Posting.

3. Guest Post Guidelines:

Many Host bloggers create guidelines for the Guest Bloggers. Know it clearly, this may help you to create a content with violating the rules. Strictly follow the guidelines of the host blogger, pay a deep attention to that before your content because, generally it will say about content strategy, the format of the post etc.

4. Write the Bio:

Create a bio which attracts your readers to click on your link. Bio will make people find you easily within other guest blogs. Write it accordingly as viewers search for your post with the remembrance.

5. Anchor Text:

Using the Achor Text in the best way is important in SEO so let’s keep an eye on the following during anchor text placement.

Don’t overuse Target Keyword for linking, Use Relevant words.
Don’t use Non-Targeted words Like Click here or Read more.
Link landing pages which are optimized for the target blog post.
Do not create/ optimize more landing page for the same set of keywords.

6. Understand the Site:

Make a deep analyzation of the blog to which you are guest blogging. Thoroughly understand what is the niche, market for the webpage. Create drastic contents which fix both sites. Meet all the needs, especially interesting content is the best way to attract more audience.

7. Promote:

Always don’t just stop your work with creating best unique content, publish them. Next step is to promote your guest post to reach higher extent.

8. Finding the Host Blogger:

There are huge areas to write the guest post, search and select the best host blogger to post your blogs. Create best content is important which is equally important to find the best place to post it. Value your work as well as the place you are using it.


If you are posting in the best and high traffic Host Blogs, then you will be in receiving comments to your post. Always try to reply to all the post with acknowledging the viewer, also respond to negative comments in a positive manner.

10. Be in Touch:

Always be in Touch with the host blogger, maintain a friendly relationship which helps you in future to establish your business.